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Taxon: Order Perciformes Rafinesque, 1810 - perches (fish)


SN2000 author citation C.S. Rafinesque Schmaltz, 1810
Original name Rafinesque Schmaltz, C.S. 1810b. Indice d'Ittiol. Sicil.: 16.
Original rank loc. cit.
Subsequent spelling Bertin & Arambourg, 1958. [assumed]


Nominotypical taxon of [ICZN]Percomorpha (Series)
Nominotypical taxon [ICZN]Percoidei (Suborder) Rafinesque, 1810 Ref: R.L. Carroll, 1988: 609. [inferred]


IncludingBathyclupeiformes (Order) Ref: C. Patterson, 1964 [inferred]

Vernacular Names (Dutch)

Full namebaarsachtigen Ref: B. Grzimek (ed.), 1973-1975

Vernacular Names (English)

Full nameperches Ref: J.S. Nelson, 2006: 339.
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