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Taxon: Candidate phylum Margulisbacteria (RIF30) Anantharaman et al. 2016 (prokaryote)


SN2000 author citation K. Anantharaman et al., 2016
Original name, rank & spelling Anantharaman, K., Brown, C.T., Hug, L.A., Sharon, I., Castelle, C.J., Probst, A.J., Thomas, B.C., Singh, A., Wilkins, M.J., Karaoz, U., Brodie, E.L., Williams, K.H., Hubbard, S.S. & Banfield, J.F. 2016. Nat. Commun. 7 (13219): table 1 ("Candidatus").

Eponymous persons

L. (Lynn) Margulis (5 Mar 1938 - 22 Nov 2011): American biologist. Ref: K. Anantharaman et al., 2016: table 1. ("University of Massachusetts at Amherst")

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