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Branch-based clade: Archosauromorpha Huene 1946 [Gauthier, Kluge & Rowe 1988] (vertebrate)


Original name von Huene, 1946.
Unavailable subsequent clade name Gauthier, J.A. 1984. Department of Paleontology, University of California, Berkeley
Subsequent clade name Gauthier, J., Kluge, A.G. & Rowe, T. 1988. Cladistics 4: 182 ("first used publicly by Gauthier at the 1982 annual meeting of the American Society of Zoologists").
Original definition [PhyloCode] loc. cit.


Rank-based nameArchosauromorpha (Infraclass) Huene, 1946
Subsequent definitionArchosauromorpha (Clade) Huene 1946 [Gauthier, Kluge & Rowe 1988] {Laurin 1991} Ref: J. Gauthier et al., 1988: 182. [inferred]
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