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Taxon: Division Mendosicutes Murray 1984 (prokaryote)


Alternative author citation N.E. Gibbons & R.G.E. Murray, 1978 ex R.G.E. Murray, 1984
Unavailable original name Gibbons, N.E. & Murray, R.G.E. 1978. 28: 2 ("Mendocutes").
Original name Krieg, N.R. & Holt, J.G. (eds.) 1984. Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology. The Williams & Wilkins Co., Baltimore and London: 36 (R.G.E. Murray) ("Gibbons and Murray 1978, 2 VP").
Original rank loc. cit.
Original spelling loc. cit.


Emendation (nom. emend.) Ref: N.R. Krieg & J.G. Holt (eds.), 1984: 36 (R.G.E. Murray) ("sic").


Valid nameArchaea (Superkingdom) Ref: 1999
Valid name (objective)Archaea (Domain) Woese et al. 1990
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