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Constellation: Canis Minor veter. - CMi (astronomical entity)
Classification by:

Natura - nature
   actualia - actual entities
     Mundus Plinius - physical world
       Caelum veter. - region of the fixed stars
         (Constellation) Canis Minor veter. - CMi
           072538.9+091634 (Star) ε Canis Minoris
           072709.0+081722 (Star system) β Canis Minoris - Gomeisa
           072802.1+065631 (Star system) η Canis Minoris
           072809.8+085532 (Star system) γ Canis Minoris
           073205.9+015452 (Star) δ¹ Canis Minoris
           073311.6+031725 (Star) δ² Canis Minoris
           073415.8+032217 (Star system) δ³ Canis Minoris
           073918.1+051330 (Star system) α Canis Minoris - Procyon
           075142.0+014601 (Star) ζ Canis Minoris

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