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Biogeographic realm: Palearctic (ecological region)
Classification by:

Natura - nature
   actualia - actual entities
     Mundus Plinius - physical world
       Astra Plinius - celestial bodies
           (Supercluster) Virgo-Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster
             (Supercluster) Virgo Supercluster
               (Cluster) Local Group
                 (Galaxy) Milky Way Galaxy veter.
                   (Spiral arm) Orion Arm
                     (Region) Local Bubble
                       Local Interstellar Cloud
                         (Planetary system) Solar System
                           (Planet-satellite system) Earth System
                             (Planet) Earth veter.
                               "spheres" (Earth)
                                 (Sphere) Biosphere (Earth) - zone of life
                                   "terrestrial and freshwater ecoregions"
                                     (Bioregion) Old World
                                       (Biogeographic realm) Palearctic
                                         1.1.1 (Terrestrial ecoregion) Arctic desert (Palearctic)
                                         1.1.2 (Terrestrial ecoregion) Northwest Russian-Novaya Zemlya tundra (Palearctic)
                                         1.1.3 (Terrestrial ecoregion) Yamalagydanskaja tundra (Palearctic)
                                         1.1.4 (Ecoregion complex) Taimyr and Siberian Coastal Tundra (Palearctic)
                                         1.1.5 (Terrestrial ecoregion) Novosibirsk Islands arctic desert (Palearctic)
                                         1.1.6 (Ecoregion complex) Chukote Coastal Tundra (Palearctic)
                                         1.2.1 (Terrestrial ecoregion) Iceland boreal birch forests and alpine tundra (Palearctic)
                                         1.2.2 (Terrestrial ecoregion) Faroe Islands boreal grasslands (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Scandinavian coastal conifer forests (Palearctic)
                                (Ecoregion complex) Fenno-Scandia Alpine Tundra and Taiga (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Scandinavian and Russian taiga (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Sarmatic mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                         1.2.4 (Terrestrial ecoregion) Ural Mountains Taiga (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) West Siberian taiga (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) West Siberian broadleaf and mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) South Siberian forest steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) East Siberian taiga (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Trans-Baikal Bald Mountain tundra (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Northeast Siberian taiga (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Cherskii-Kolyma mountain tundra (Palearctic)
                                         1.2.8 (Terrestrial ecoregion) Bering tundra (Palearctic)
                                         1.2.9 (Ecoregion complex) Kamchatka Taiga and Grasslands (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) North Atlantic moist mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Caledon conifer forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Celtic broadleaf forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) English Lowlands beech forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Atlantic mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Western European broadleaf forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Baltic mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Central European mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) East European forest steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Pontic steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Caspian lowland desert (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Kazakh forest steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Kazakh steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Kazakh upland (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Kazakh semi-desert (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Altai steppe and semi-desert (Palearctic)
                                (Ecoregion complex) Central Asian Deserts (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Kopet Dag semi-desert (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Badkhiz-Karabil semi-desert (Palearctic)
                                (Ecoregion complex) Altai-Sayan Montane Forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Selenge-Orkhon forest steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Khangai Mountains conifer forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Khangai Mountains alpine meadow (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Emin Valley steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Junggar Basin semi-desert (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Trans-Baikal conifer forests (Palearctic)
                                (Ecoregion complex) Daurian Steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Nenjiang River grassland (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Northeast China Plain deciduous forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Da Hinggan-Dzhagdy Mountains conifer forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Manchurian mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Amur meadow steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Ussuri-Wusuli meadow and forest meadow (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Changbai Mountains mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Central Korean deciduous forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Southern Korea evergreen forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Okhotsk-Manchurian taiga (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Sakhalin Island taiga (Palearctic)
                                (Ecoregion complex) Russian Far East Temperate Forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Gobi Lakes Valley desert steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Eastern Gobi desert steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Alashan Plateau semi-desert (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Helanshan montane conifer forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Ordos Plateau steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Central China loess plateau mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Huang He Plain mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Bohai Sea saline meadow (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Hokkaido deciduous forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Hokkaido montane conifer forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Honshu alpine conifer forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Nihonkai evergreen forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Nihonkai montane deciduous forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Taiheiyo evergreen forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Taiheiyo montane deciduous forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Azores temperate mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Cantabrian mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                (Ecoregion complex) European-Mediterranean Montane Mixed Forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Po Basin mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Pannonian mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Balkan mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                         1.4.2 (Ecoregion complex) Mediterranean Forests, Woodlands, and Scrub (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Nile Delta flooded savanna (Palearctic)
                                (Desert) Sahara (Africa)
                                (Ecoregion complex) Caucasus-Anatolian-Hyrcanian Temperate Forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Eastern Anatolian montane steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Azerbaijan shrub desert and steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Middle East steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Mesopotamian shrub desert (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Red Sea Nubo-Sindian tropical desert and semi-desert (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Arabian Desert and East Sahero-Arabian xeric shrublands (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Persian Gulf desert and semi-desert (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Tigris-Euphrates alluvial salt marsh (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) South Iran Nubo-Sindian desert and semi-desert (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Zagros Mountains forest steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Central Persian desert basins (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Kuhrud-Kohbanan Mountains forest steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Rigestan-North Pakistan sandy desert (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Baluchistan xeric woodlands (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) East Afghan montane conifer forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Sulaiman Range alpine meadows (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Central Afghan Mountains xeric woodlands (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Ghorat-Hazarajat alpine meadow (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Afghan Mountains semi-desert (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Paropamisus xeric woodlands (Palearctic)
                                (Ecoregion complex) Middle Asian Montane Steppe and Woodlands (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Taklimakan desert (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Tarim Basin deciduous forests and steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) North Tibetan Plateau-Kunlun Mountains alpine desert (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Qaidam Basin semi-desert (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Qilian Mountains subalpine meadows (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Qilian Mountains conifer forests (Palearctic)
                                (Ecoregion complex) Tibetan Plateau Steppe (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Northwestern Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Western Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Eastern Himalayan alpine meadows (Palearctic)
                                (Ecoregion complex) Hengduan Shan Coniferous Forests (Palearctic)
                                (Ecoregion complex) Southwest China Temperate Forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Guizhou Plateau broadleaf and mixed forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Changjiang Plain evergreen forests (Palearctic)
                                (Terrestrial ecoregion) Yellow Sea saline meadow (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.01 (Freshwater ecoregion) Iceland - Jan Mayen (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.02 (Freshwater ecoregion) Northern British Isles (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.03 (Freshwater ecoregion) Cantabric Coast - Languedoc (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.04 (Freshwater ecoregion) Central & Western Europe (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.05 (Freshwater ecoregion) Norwegian Sea Drainages (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.06 (Freshwater ecoregion) Northern Baltic Drainages (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.07 (Freshwater ecoregion) Barents Sea Drainages (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.08 (Freshwater ecoregion) Southern Baltic Lowlands (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.09 (Freshwater ecoregion) Lake Onega - Lake Ladoga (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.10 (Freshwater ecoregion) Volga - Ural (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.11 (Freshwater ecoregion) Western Caspian Drainages (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.12 (Freshwater ecoregion) Western Iberia (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.13 (Freshwater ecoregion) Southern Iberia (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.14 (Freshwater ecoregion) Eastern Iberia (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.15 (Freshwater ecoregion) Gulf of Venice Drainages (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.16 (Freshwater ecoregion) Italian Peninsula & Islands (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.17 (Freshwater ecoregion) Upper Danube (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.18 (Freshwater ecoregion) Dniester - Lower Danube (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.19 (Freshwater ecoregion) Dalmatia (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.20 (Freshwater ecoregion) Southeast Adriatic Drainages (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.21 (Freshwater ecoregion) Ionian Drainages (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.22 (Freshwater ecoregion) Vardar (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.23 (Freshwater ecoregion) Thrace (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.24 (Freshwater ecoregion) Aegean Drainages (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.25 (Freshwater ecoregion) Dnieper - South Bug (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.26 (Freshwater ecoregion) Crimea Peninsula (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.27 (Freshwater ecoregion) Don (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.28 (Freshwater ecoregion) Kuban (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.29 (Freshwater ecoregion) Western Anatolia (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.30 (Freshwater ecoregion) Northern Anatolia (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.31 (Freshwater ecoregion) Central Anatolia (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.32 (Freshwater ecoregion) Southern Anatolia (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.33 (Freshwater ecoregion) Western Transcaucasia (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.34 (Freshwater ecoregion) Kura - South Caspian Drainages (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.35 (Freshwater ecoregion) Sinai (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.36 (Freshwater ecoregion) Coastal Levant (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.37 (Freshwater ecoregion) Orontes (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.38 (Freshwater ecoregion) Jordan River (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.39 (Freshwater ecoregion) Arabian Interior (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.40 (Freshwater ecoregion) Lower Tigris & Euphrates (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.41 (Freshwater ecoregion) Upper Tigris & Euphrates (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.42 (Freshwater ecoregion) Lake Van (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.43 (Freshwater ecoregion) Orumiyeh (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.44 (Freshwater ecoregion) Caspian Highlands (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.45 (Freshwater ecoregion) Namak (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.46 (Freshwater ecoregion) Kavir & Lut Deserts (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.47 (Freshwater ecoregion) Esfahan (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.48 (Freshwater ecoregion) Turan Plain (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.49 (Freshwater ecoregion) Northern Hormuz Drainages (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.50 (Freshwater ecoregion) Caspian Marine (Palearctic)
                                         2.1.51 (Freshwater ecoregion) Volga Delta - Northern Caspian Drainages (Palearctic)
                                         2.2.1 (Freshwater ecoregion) Atlantic Northwest Africa (Palearctic)
                                         2.2.2 (Freshwater ecoregion) Mediterranean Northwest Africa (Palearctic)
                                         2.2.3 (Freshwater ecoregion) Sahara (Palearctic)
                                         2.2.4 (Freshwater ecoregion) Dry Sahel (Palearctic)
                                         2.2.5 (Freshwater ecoregion) Lower Nile (Palearctic)
                                         2.2.6 (Freshwater ecoregion) Nile Delta (Palearctic)
                                         2.2.7 (Freshwater ecoregion) Western Red Sea Drainages (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.01 (Freshwater ecoregion) Irgyz - Turgai (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.02 (Freshwater ecoregion) Ob (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.03 (Freshwater ecoregion) Upper Irtysh (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.04 (Freshwater ecoregion) Chuya (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.05 (Freshwater ecoregion) Yenisei (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.06 (Freshwater ecoregion) Lake Baikal (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.07 (Freshwater ecoregion) Taimyr (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.08 (Freshwater ecoregion) Lena (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.09 (Freshwater ecoregion) Kolyma (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.10 (Freshwater ecoregion) Anadyr (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.11 (Freshwater ecoregion) East Chukotka (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.12 (Freshwater ecoregion) Koryakia (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.13 (Freshwater ecoregion) Kamchatka & Northern Kurils (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.14 (Freshwater ecoregion) Okhotsk Coast (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.15 (Freshwater ecoregion) Coastal Amur (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.16 (Freshwater ecoregion) Lower Amur (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.17 (Freshwater ecoregion) Middle Amur (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.18 (Freshwater ecoregion) Argun (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.19 (Freshwater ecoregion) Shilka (Amur) (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.20 (Freshwater ecoregion) Songhua Jiang (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.21 (Freshwater ecoregion) Inner Mongolia Endorheic Basins (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.22 (Freshwater ecoregion) Western Mongolia (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.23 (Freshwater ecoregion) Dzungaria (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.24 (Freshwater ecoregion) Balkash - Alakul (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.25 (Freshwater ecoregion) Tarim (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.26 (Freshwater ecoregion) Lower & Middle Syr Darya (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.27 (Freshwater ecoregion) Lake Issyk Kul - Upper Chu (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.28 (Freshwater ecoregion) Northern Central Asian Highlands (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.29 (Freshwater ecoregion) Aral Sea Drainages (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.30 (Freshwater ecoregion) Middle Amu Darya (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.31 (Freshwater ecoregion) Upper Amu Darya (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.32 (Freshwater ecoregion) Qaidan (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.33 (Freshwater ecoregion) Upper Huang He (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.34 (Freshwater ecoregion) Upper Huang He Corridor (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.35 (Freshwater ecoregion) Huang He Great Bend (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.36 (Freshwater ecoregion) Lower Huang He (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.37 (Freshwater ecoregion) Liao He (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.38 (Freshwater ecoregion) Eastern Yellow Sea Drainages (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.39 (Freshwater ecoregion) Southeastern Korean Peninsula (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.40 (Freshwater ecoregion) Hamgyong - Sanmaek (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.41 (Freshwater ecoregion) Sakhalin, Hokkaido, & Sikhote - Alin Coast (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.42 (Freshwater ecoregion) Honshu - Shikoku - Kyushu (Palearctic)
                                         2.3.43 (Freshwater ecoregion) Biwa Ko (Palearctic)
                                         2.4.01 (Freshwater ecoregion) Baluchistan (Palearctic)
                                         2.4.02 (Freshwater ecoregion) Helmand - Sistan (Palearctic)
                                         2.4.03 (Freshwater ecoregion) Yaghistan (Palearctic)
                                         2.4.04 (Freshwater ecoregion) Indus Himalayan Foothills (Palearctic)
                                         2.4.05 (Freshwater ecoregion) Upper Indus (Palearctic)
                                         2.4.06 (Freshwater ecoregion) Tibetan Plateau Endorheic Drainages (Palearctic)
                                         2.4.07 (Freshwater ecoregion) Upper Brahmaputra (Palearctic)
                                         2.4.08 (Freshwater ecoregion) Upper Salween (Palearctic)
                                         2.4.09 (Freshwater ecoregion) Upper Lancang (Mekong) (Palearctic)
                                         2.4.10 (Freshwater ecoregion) Er Hai (Palearctic)
                                         2.4.11 (Freshwater ecoregion) Yunnan Lakes (Palearctic)
                                         2.4.12 (Freshwater ecoregion) Upper Yangtze (Palearctic)
                                         2.4.13 (Freshwater ecoregion) Middle Yangtze (Palearctic)
                                         2.4.14 (Freshwater ecoregion) Lower Yangtze (Palearctic)

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