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Taxon: Superphylum Terrabacteria Battistuzzi et al. 2004 (prokaryote)
Classification by:

Natura - nature
   actualia - actual entities
     Mundus Plinius - physical world
       naturalia - natural bodies
         [crown] Clade Biota Wagner 2004 [Wiemann, de Queiroz, Rowe, Planavsky, Anderson, Gogarten, Turner & Gauthier 2020]
           Domain Bacteria Woese et al. 1990 [paraphyletic?]
             Superphylum Terrabacteria Battistuzzi et al. 2004
               1.1.1 Phylum Firmicutes corrig. Gibbons and Murray 1978 (Approved Lists 1980)
      Phylum Armatimonadetes Tamaki et al. 2011
      Candidate phylum "Uncultured Bacterial Phylum 13 (UBP13)" Parks et al. 2017
      Phylum "Actinobacteria" Garrity and Holt 2001
      Phylum "Deinococcus-Thermus" [monotypic]
      Phylum Chloroflexi Garrity and Holt 2001
      Candidate phylum "Uncultured Bacterial Phylum 9 (UBP9/SHA-109)" Parks et al. 2017
      Candidate phylum "Uncultured Bacterial Phylum 12 (UBP12)" Parks et al. 2017
               2.1 Candidate phylum Coatesbacteria (RIF8) Anantharaman et al. 2016
      Phylum Cyanobacteria (ex Stanier 1974) Cavalier-Smith 2002 - cyanobacteria
      Candidate phylum Melainabacteria (ACD20) Wrighton et al. 2014
      Candidate phylum "RBX1"
      Candidate phylum "WOR1"
      Candidate phylum Margulisbacteria (RIF30) Anantharaman et al. 2016

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