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Taxon: "cryptomonads" (eukaryote)
Classification by:

Natura - nature
   actualia - actual entities
     Mundus Plinius - physical world
       naturalia - natural bodies
         [crown] Clade Biota Wagner 2004 [Wiemann, de Queiroz, Rowe, Planavsky, Anderson, Gogarten, Turner & Gauthier 2020]
           Clade "neomura" Cavalier-Smith 1987
             Domain Eukaryota Chatton, 1925 - eukaryotes
               Clade neokaryotes Cavalier-Smith 1993 - mitochondrial eukaryotes
                 Clade neozoa Cavalier-Smith 1993
                   Superkingdom Corticata Lankester, 1878
                     Kingdom Chromista Caval.-Sm. (1981) - chromists
                       [Subkingdom Cryptista Caval.-Sm. (1986)] see Phylum Cryptista Cavalier-Smith, 1986
                         ["cryptomonads"] see Order Cryptomonadales Pascher (1913)
                           1.1 ["reniform cryptomonads"] see Family Hemiselmidaceae Butcher (1967)
                           1.2 ["heterotrophic cryptomonads"]
                           1.3 ["photosynthetic cryptomonads"]
                           2.1 ["cryptomonads whose IPC is non-plated and whose periplast appears sheet-like under the SEM"]
                           2.2 ["cryptomonads whose IPC and/or EPC is plated and therefore the periplast appears plated when viewed using SEM"]
                           2.3 ["cryptomonads whose periplast structure is totally unknown"]

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