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Monotypic taxon: Family "Tosaidae" Saidova, 1981 (protist)


SN2000 author citation J.J. Lee et al., 2000, nom. null.
Original name Saidova, 1981.
Subsequent spelling Lee, J.J., Pawlowski, J., Debenay, J.-P., Whittaker, J., Banner, F., Gooday, A.J., Tendal, O., Haynes, J. & Faber, W.W. 2000. In Lee, J.J., Leedale, G.F. & Bradbury, P., An Illustrated Guide to the Protozoa, Second Edition, vol. 2. Society of Protozoologists, Lawrence, Kansas, U.S.A.: 920.


Incorrectly formed family-group name (orth. inval.: "orth. imperf.") [ICZN, 1999: Art. 29.3.1 (<=1999)] Ref: S.J. Brands (ed.), 1989-present: 28 Aug 2015.
Incorrect subsequent spelling (orth. inval.: "orth. null.") Ref: S.J. Brands (ed.), 1989-present: 28 Aug 2015.


TypeTosaia (Genus) Takayanagi, 1953 Ref: J.J. Lee et al., 2000: 920. [inferred]


Correct spellingTosaiidae (Family) Saidova, 1981 Ref: V.I. Mikhalevich, 2013: 518. [inferred]
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