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Monotypic taxon: Suborder "Polymixiodei" Carroll, 1988, nom. null. (fish)


Alternative author citation R.L. Carroll, 1988, nom. null.
Original name Lowe, 1838.
Subsequent rank Patterson, C. 1964. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. (B) 247 (739): 263, 372.
Subsequent spelling Carroll, R.L. 1988. W.H. Freeman and Company, New York: 608.


Incorrect subsequent spelling (nom. inval.: "nom. null.") Ref: S.J. Brands (ed.), 1989-present: 10 Mar 2017.


Correct spellingPolymixioidei (Suborder) Patterson, 1964 Ref: C. Patterson, 1964: 263, 372. [inferred]

Vernacular Names (Dutch)

Full namebarbudo's Ref: B. Grzimek (ed.), 1973-1975
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