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Taxon: Genus †"Pseudacanthosphaera" De Wever, Dumitrica, Caulet, Nigrini & Caridroit, 2001, nom. null. (protist)


SN2000 author citation P. De Wever et al., 2001, nom. null.
Original name & rank O'Dogherty, 1994. Mem. Geol. (Lausanne) 21: 296.
Subsequent spelling De Wever, P., Dumitrica, P., Caulet, J.P., Nigrini, C. & Caridroit, M. 2001. Gordon and Breach Science Publishers: 121 ("O'Dogherty 1994").


Incorrect subsequent spelling (orth. inval.: "orth. null.") [ICZN] Ref: S.J. Brands (ed.), 1989-present. Syst. Nat. 2000: 16 Aug 2018.


Correct spellingPseudoacanthosphaera (Genus) O'Dogherty, 1994 Ref: O'Dogherty, 1994: 296. [inferred]
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