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Paraphyletic taxon: Domain Archaea Woese et al. 1990 (prokaryote)


Alternative author citation C.R. Woese et al., 1990
Original name, rank & spelling Woese, C.R., Kandler, O. & Wheelis, M.L. 1990. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 87: 4579.
Description/Diagnosis in English loc. cit.


Unranked nameArchaea ([unranked])
Different rankArchaea (Superkingdom)
Different rankArchaea (Kingdom)
Different rankArchaea (Subkingdom)
Different rankArchaebacteria (Suprakingdom)
Different rankArchaebacteria (Infrakingdom) (Woese and Fox 1977) Cavalier-Smith 1998
Different rankArchaebacteria (Phylum)
Different rankArchaebacteriobionta (Kingdom)


Synonymous nameMendosicutes (Phylum) Gibbons and Murray 1978
Synonymous name (objective)Archaebacteria (Domain)
Synonymous name (objective)Archaebacteria (Subdomain)
Synonymous name (objective)Archaebacteria (Division) Cavalier-Smith 2002
Synonymous name (objective)Mendosicutes (Division) Murray 1984
Pro parte synonymprokaryotes ([unranked])
In (p.p.)Prokarya (Superkingdom)
In (p.p.)Prokaryota (Domain)
Vernacular namearchaebacteria ([unranked])
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