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Taxon: Holotheria (mammal)

Concise hierarchy

(Kingdom) Animalia - (Phylum) Chordata

Current position

Mammaliaformes (Clade) Rowe 1988 [nom. cl. nov.] Ref: M.J. Benton, 2005: 399. [inferred rank] [implicit]

Defined by the most recent common ancestor (and all its descendants) of

Kuehneotherium (Genus) D.M. Kermack et al., 1968 Ref: Wible et al., 1995.
Theria (Clade) Ref: Wible et al., 1995.

Number of Subtaxa

2021 Available in Systema Naturae 2000 1c;27o;140f;1196g;5143s;4337ss;302v; ‡1o;8f;53g;110s;31ss;1v; †42o;326f;4453g;1198s;65ss
1989-present Systema Naturae 2000 [1c;27o;137f; ‡1o;10f;52g; †42o;329f;4496g]
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